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Owww… that REALLY hurt!


Doesn’t Banksy‘s latest NYC piece remind you of the YouTube darling, Charlie Bit My Finger?

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The streets of New Orleans are patrolled by a vigilante called The Gray Ghost, 52 year old Fred Radtke, a man who’s been systematically obliterating every piece of graffiti across the city with the same shade of gray paint since 1997. 

For my eleventh installment of All Things English… check out how British street artist Banksy used The Grey Ghost’s canvas as a launch pad for a fresh piece in New Orleans. 


Doesn’t this have a “Hello, my name is Simon” from Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings feel?  Keeping in the ATE theme, these cartoons were originally made in England by Filmfair in the 70’s… and they too are rad.





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The New Crunk

Krink.  Basically the gold standard in marking products for both street and studio environments developed by graffiti writer/artist, Craig “KR” Costello.  The most notorious and recognizable (to my the untrained eye) effect is the dripping ink aesthetic that has graced many phone booths, mailboxes and subway windows.  This is the stuff I am talking about…

This stuff reminds me of late night shinanagins in the LES.  Good times… Anyway, if you aren’t getting your fill of this deviant art how about tucking your Mac away in a Krink-ed out sleeve developed by InCase+Krink+Arkitip.  (yeah, I said “krinked-out”… so?) 

I am sure you have figured out by now that this has pretty much nothing to do with crunking… but if the mere mention of the dance has inspired you, check out the “how to crunk” instructions.

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This is first time I have seen deviant art on a boat.  Who does this kind of work?  A pirate?  Regardless, I dig it…

So a pirate walks into a bar and sits down. 

The bartender comes over to take his order and notices a steering wheel on his lap.  Curious, the bartender asks, “what’s up with the steering wheel?”

The pirate answers, ” Aaaargh!  Don’t know… but it’s drivin’ me nuts!”

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Weebles Wobble But They Dont Fall Down

I do not condone defacing property… in fact, seeing it done brings the crazy, right-winged, (redundant, I know) personality-I-prefer-to-pretend-doesn’t-exist out of me.  However, when I find street art done WELL in an appropriate spot, I am not only impressed but I egg it on. 

Case in point:

And this wonky-eyed view is actually painted on a construction barricade in Paris.

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What’s not to love?


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“Sorry” Never Looked so… Um… Weird

Okay… I have been bad.  Very bad.  No posts in months, but what can I say?  Sometimes life gets so interesting that I just don’t have the time or focus to put it down into words.  

In my effort to find a good apology-image for this post, I typed “I am sorry” into Google and this random gem popped up… 

I am sorry 

 Yeah, I know what you are thinking… “WTF?  That is one evil looking little finger monkey!”  And I couldn’t agree more but it did remind me of the other day when I did a “glitter monkey” search (don’t ask) and this is what popped up…

 Glitter monkey
Perhaps I should put together a coffee table book on mis-tagged photos?  Or maybe I should just keep blogging since I just got done saying I was sorry for being gone so long?  Damn ADD! 

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