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Stupid Shit – III


This is real.  Really telling.  Really sad.  Although I have to admit, I think the business-man-slipping-on-a-banana-peel logo is really awesome… so sue me!



 via burke mal 😉

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Overheard @ The Today Show


The San Francisco Bay Area local traffic station that reports for The Today Show.


A respected, local traffic reporter with a straight face, mind you, reported,

“…there is a back-up [on the freeway] due to a porta-potty in the number 2 lane.”

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Waiting for Gas… in the Bike Lane


This would never happen in NYC (read: Manhattan) because there aren’t any gas stations nor would it happen in LA because nobody there cares enough about the environment to ride a bike. 

So for me this is another, “only in San Francisco” moment. 

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