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Driving While on the Phone

The following is a graphic public service film depicting the ravages of using cell phones while driving.  Although created and aired only in the United Kingdom, it’s message is relevant everywhere.  Surely this wont be aired in it’s entirety on US television due to the gruesome nature of the content but thanks to the internet it can still be viewed.  Which begs the questions… Is this video appropriate?  Is it shock for shock-value’s-sake or does it have the power to actually change behavior.  You decide.

WARNING:  The following video is extremely graphic and violent. Watch at your own discretion.

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The NeverEnding Story


Orange has announced an unlimited mobile phone service and is promoting it with an “unlimited” Web site.  That’s right, you can scroll all you want, but the page never ends!

This is a really cool and totally appropriate marketing initiative – engaging, online and illustrative of the service.  Bravo!

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