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November 4, 2008

Instead of pontificating on election day matters like all those politically charged blowhards out there… I would like to point out that Starbucks is now serving in holiday cups!


Coffee talk sidebar:
How do you feel about the new Starbucks Gold membership that was launched today?  Is it necessary to indulge in the Starbucks equivalent to AMEX Centurion?  (Probably… although it would be easier for me to swallow if it was Blue Bottle.)  Talk amongst yourselves…



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It’s Time For Some Campaigning!

I RARELY talk ‘politics’ but…

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Good Bless America

I am not one to talk about politics — and even less likely to push my political beliefs onto another person BUT Obama gives me chills and frankly makes me feel pretty excited to be an American.  And since it wouldn’t be America without celebrity generated pop-culture propaganda…   




 Watch if you will.  Dont if you wont.  But vote regardless of who you support. 

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