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Claps for Apps – I

Although iPhone apps aren’t the reason I switched to an iPhone, they are quickly becoming the reason I haven’t switched from the iPhone!  For my first installment of Claps for (iPhone) Apps, I bring you…

Picture 7

Walk the Line:  Short of integrating a breathalyzer into the body of the iPhone, Dutch brewing company Grolsch might have figured out the next best thing with their new Walk the Line app. Utilizing the iPhone’s motion-sensing accelerometer, the application tracks a user’s ability (or lack thereof) to refrain from weaving when attempting to walk a straight line.  The test encourages users to walk a straight line while holding their iPhones as level as possible and trying to keep a dot in the middle of target on the screen. A final score indicates whether you’re inebriated or not.  Of course this app is no way meant to serve as true gauge of one’s sobriety but it’s fun.  Unfortunately, this app isn’t available in the states yet… but hopefully it will soon.

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Flickd – Black Tie… If You Like It or Not

I guess this is how the ‘upper class’ screw with their friends who have passed out.  Why write “douche bag” and “faggot” on their face when you can dress them up as hired help… the worst insult in the book!

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Flickd – Kilted & Jilted

I thought this image was brilliant until I read the title and description… then I knew for sure.

Title:  “You Embarrassed Me at My Sisters Wedding!!”

Description:  “Relationship dealbreaker in progress.”

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Wednesday Urban Word of the Week – Swamp Donkey

Definition:  A hard-up very unattractive girl that hangs around in bars/clubs waiting to sexually assult males who are too drunk to defend themselves or know better.

Question – Is this where the term “swamp ass” came from?

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“Beer Goggles” Are Real

The Yahoo headline People Really Do Look Better When You Drink feels as though it was ripped right out of The Onion.

It appears that, “For the first time, scientists have proven that “beer goggles” are real – other people really do look more attractive to us if we have been drinking.” 

Lesson:  Don’t blame yourself the next time you do the walk-of-shame.  It’s not your fault.

On that note, have a liver-soaked weekend!


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