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Healthcare is a Big Issue

Proof that anything you say is cute as long as you have dimples…

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Ahhh… Youth

Vodafone aired this commerical titled Youth in Romania last month.  It taps into how “Some things work only until a certain age.  So make the most of being young.”  Not sure how this correlates to a mobile phone provider but I love the truth of the phenomenon.


Credit where credit is due:

Agency:  McCann Erickson, Romania
Creative Directors: Adrian Botan, Alexandru Dumitrescu
Art Director: Razvan Chifu
Copywriter: Catalin Dobre


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The Sticky Note Experiments

To perk up your Monday…

EepyBird Production (the guys who started the Diet Coke & Mentos campaign) have now created The Sticky Note Experiments for OfficeMax to support their tagline “Life is beautiful.  Work can be, too.”  And I thought I was being creative when I temporarily hemmed my pants with binder clips!

The Sticky Note Experiments

I unfortunately can’t say that this is a mirror image of my work place but what I can say is that this type of thing happens in my head ALL THE TIME!  (I just made sticky notes scary, didn’t I?)

BTW, ‘Post-Its’ sounds than “Sticky Note”.

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Sex Sells… Label Whores

Diesel XXX is throwing a massive 17-city party on Saturday, October 11th.  But that’s not my point because well, who cares?  What’s interesting is the short they created to promote it. 

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Where Will Life Take You?

Louis Vuitton, the quintessential luxury house announced that it is launching its first ever on-screen corporate campaign with the launch of a 90-second spot for Louis Vuitton to appear on television and in movie theaters starting Feb. 15 in some 15 countries.

Shot in France, Spain, India and Japan, the travel-themed ad entitled, ‘Where will life take you?’ is artsy, even dreamlike with only fleeting glimpses of leather goods and a soundtrack of stirring guitar music. And unlike Louis Vuitton’s print ads that usually feature celebrities, the commercial shows misty and sun-dappled images of ordinary people in exotic locales as questions like ‘What is a journey?’ flash on the screen.

Although the majority of the movie theater I was in laughed once the commercial ended, I loved it!  As a LV owner and fan, I felt connected to the brand again in a way that Kanye West and Jessica Simpson just wouldn’t understand… thankfully. 

What do you think?




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Play with Reckless Abandon

Check out Fallon London’s new commercial called the Foam City for Sony Bravia.  The only thing that could top this commercial would be getting the chance to be in Miami for the filming of it.  See what you think…

Sony’s Foam City

And don’t forget this oldie but goodie for Sony called Bouncy Balls.




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